What is Artisoph?

Artisoph explores the expansive constellations found within the art world on a global scale from a place of quaint openness, with the desire of making objects of art become broadly accessible.

When I created Artisoph back in 2019 it arose from the simple wish of establishing a joyous space where art and art enthusiasts could come together and experience shows and artworks from around the globe. Defining Artisoph any further at this young stage seems counterintuitive, as there are more questions than answers. Deciphering Artisoph’s future is one which cannot be determined, and I’m glad for it. It’s a work in progress, an artwork if you wish – a semi-personal platform desiring to showcase art, artists and places through the lens of personal aesthetics. For now, I am immensely grateful towards all my dear guest authors allowing anyone willing to dive deep into their own private encounters with novel artists and thus providing Artisoph with a depth and diversity distinct to my own voice.

Truthfully, all I hope for is that in a world where images have become intense commodities, bombarding you every second, the artworks on ‘display’ here are enjoyed for what they are: society’s creative outlet! So please, grab your cup of tea, sit down and enjoy art!